Postpartum after a c-section

While I was pregnant I read many articles related to postpartum. There is nothing that prepares you for that moment though.
We would like to get home and stablish a routine. Many women get some help from their families. But in our case we were alone and I soon there was chaos everywhere.

If you read my previous post you will remember the hard labor and delivery I experienced. I suffered the pain from the contractions until the end but ended up in an operating theather. I found out real quick that the pain didn’t finish with the delivery.
They released me from the hospital the next afternoon after the birth. There were no analgesics to calm the pain at home, there were was not hot food nor nurses helping you with the baby. Some friends did show up with pizza, pies and empanadas.

My body, specially the abdominal area hurted for a full week. I was feeling like if someone would have kicked me. I couldn’t get up, lay down, sniff or caugh without suffering. I still had contractions similar to the labor ones but not as painful from the uterus going back to it’s place. The episiotomy opened completely around a week later and burned when I peed. My nipples ripped withe start of the breastfeeding. I even bought one can of formula milk because I wasn’t sure I could give from my beast the next time. I was constipated for at least 2 weeks. It was a total greek tragedy.
I tried to be brave. The nurses had recommended to walk as much as I could since it helped with the recovery. I did it from day 2. I decided to use a strip around my abdomen, not necessarly due to an esthetic reason but more because my body felt better when it was tight.
I got a lot of medicines. Tylex 750 helped a lot to reduce the pain, neobol helped to cicatrize the hole the episiotomy left. Sterile gauzes with blue alcohol helped mainting the cut from the surgery dry. Cicatricure helped with the strech marks. Coconnut oil helped decreasing the annoyance of the cracked nipples. I also took iron to increase the hemoglobine levels. Those first few weeks I spend around $250 at the drugstore in order to feel better.

However, I had some emotional difficulties. When I saw my baby for first time I cried a lot. That first cry was like letting the soul out through a window. At the very beginning I cried a lot because I wanted to feel better. Remembering labor also made me cry. I had the feeling that if I would have waited at home for the labor to start by itself maybe I would have had my baby in a regular birth and I wouldn’t be suffering the recovery from the c-section. I blaimed myself for not saving enough money to have my baby in a private hospital. After a couple of days everything made me cry. I had a lot of emotional support from my friends who all tried to visit me but I was still feeling alone and missunderstood. All this time I belonged to a group of pregnant women from Latin America that had babies in September. Many of them felt like me. Later I read it is called postpartum melancholia which is different from postpartum depression and affects 70 percent of women and it is caused by the changes in our hormons. The best thing to do is let it out.

Visitors helped me a lot. Not all women like it. I think they made me think of other things not related to what made me feel bad. After day 9 my body started feeling better. I was able to start a routine and start re-doing activities I liked.
I lost the pregnancy weight within a month and a half later. I probably lost more weight from the one I had at the beginning of pregnancy. Breastfeeding helped, but eating healthy and drinking water also helped. I do have anoyher body though. Strech marks in the lower abdomen and a scar from the cut. Even I used coconut oil 3 times a day I still got strech marks. It’s ok though…

3 months after I was almost completely recovered. There was some itchness around the surgery and that specific area has no sensitivity. I was able to start exercising.
I don’t feel the same as before the surgery. That will never happen. Now that I have my baby in my arms I feel like a completely different new person. This baby have changed my life!!

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