The transition to maternity

After all the adrenaline from the birth we got home. The transition and setting up a routine wasn’t an easy task. In the very beginning all was chaos because nothing resulted as planned. The first 3 days we had a lot of energy but it started decreasing due to the lack of sleep and the high demands of taking care of a new born.
Giving a bath, getting her dressed, changing diapers, breastfeeding, entretaing her the few minutes she was awake, sleep for 3 hours and start all over again. Our days turned all about her and her and needs. From the day she was born up until now she has been always a healthy and calm baby. I was always told that having happy pregnancies result into happy babies and I have no doubt on that. Still, learning how to take care of a baby was a process we learned alone since my mom lives 6 hours away and my husband’s family live in another country. Naturally, we were a little scared and we obviously made mistakes. Some poop got into her eye while dad was bathing her and her leg dragged and hit the door while mom was passing her from one room to the other. We learned to slow down and sooner than later we got better on her care. As a new mom, I read as much as I could. I believe though I developed certain mother instinct for that little person I met just few days ago. She was defenseless and counted just on us.
I can’t say that I feel physically exhausted. My baby is a good sleeper. I still remember having to wake her up to feed her. She still wakes up a couple of times at night to eat but doesn’t even open her eyes. People get surprised of what a ‘good baby’ she is. She never cries for no reason and doesn’t mind getting hold by whomever.
My baby has changed her appearance in a very short time. She was born weighting 6.5 pounds and measuring 1.5 feet. She was so small. She is more than double that weight now and at least one feet more at 5 months old. She left behind the newborn wrinkles and the pink color and changed it for her mommas brown skin color. The newborn clothes I put to her at the hospital were so big and now I’m about to change for third time all the clothes she has in wardrobe. She’s growing on me so fast!!
Visits to the doctor are very intriguing. When she was 10 days old she got a little yellowish color in her skin. She had to take a blood test. I felt like dying that day when I saw the size of the needle. Same with vaccines. I almost feel it  like a personal attack. In the end I know is the best for her. Is nice have the doctor telling me she’s growing healthy and happy.
I’ve told you before how my baby got many gifts from family and friends while I was pregnant. After the birth, and for almost two months she kept receiving gifts almost daily. The bests gifts were the visit of both sides of her family and old friends. Her family from the US came 3 weeks after her birth and her costarican family came just few weeks after. My experimented friends also gave me some advises . My heart is still grateful for all that people that have been with me in the most fullness time of my life.
Since she’s been a newborn I took advantage of her active periods. We dance and sing all sort of music, we read, we workout, we go to the beach, the pool and the park often and we talk a lot. You don’t need fancy ovjects to stimulate yor baby’s brain. You just need to be there. She has developed so many new abilities. At 3 months she would follow objects, lift her head on tummy time, smiled and opened her big brown eyes. At 5 months she grabs things that are in front of her or even in her side, she turns around from tummy to back, grabs her feet and puts them in her mouth and is very close from sitting by herself. She can impulse her self while she’s laying on her back to change her position, tries to find where the music is coming from and I swear she pays attention while I’m reading to her. She has started to laugh when she think something is fun and has gotten some strenght in her feet. She can entretain herself with toys or even her own body. I love everytime she does something new.
I love every new experience. I love to have an outfit ready for the beach, for her first flight, first halloween, first thanksgiving, first valentines, first saling experience, first christmas. Haha. I know, I enjoy it more than her. My phone doesn’t have anymore selfies or beach landscapes. She has control of my gallery and she doesn’t even know it.
Our first flight
Breastfeeding is the best experience Ive had in my life. There is no feeling I can compare it to. The bond we have create cannot be changed by anything in the world. Is such a special connection.
In another ocassion I will talk about my husbands relationship with her. By now I will say I never thought I will hear him talking to a baby like he does to her. I think he’s been hypnotized.
I couldn’t imagine my life without her now. My baby is the best thing that ever happened to me. She filled a place in my heart I didn’t know it existed. I enjoyed my 3 month maternity leave like no one else. I mostly enjoyed the skin contact, the kisses, the hugs, to rock her in my arms until she would fall asleep and to give her the breast every time she needed.
Now I have to go back to work. That’s the next stage.

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