Teething: a few tips

This has been a difficult month for us. The two lower front teeth of my baby showed up and with them, irritability came too. We found out she was teething when she started drooling a lot more and wanted every single toy in her mouth. The moment the first tooth managed to break the gum the discomfort increased.

Even though my baby had alaways been very easy and with a passive personality, for two weeks she only wanted to be held in the arms and would cry a lot every time I tried to put her down on the couch, the bed or the floor. She also started waking up a lot more at night. Some nights she woke up every hour when we had already accomplished waking up only 1 time and sometimes 0 times. People and their unnecessary opinions started saying we were in a classic case of manipulation. The situation got even worse when she started bitting the nipples.

I had to start reading, investigating, testing and learning (again). Some specialists say teething shouldn’t hurt but the experience tells us that the baby feels umconfortable about something. I think they probably feel very frustrated about not being able to express it.

In the beginning I tried some of the classic ideas to ease the discomfort: teethers and numbing powder. I used the powder a couple of times until I found out it contained lidocaine. I stopped using it right away since I didn’t want to medicate my baby.

I found other home remedies. Three of them were very helpful.
1. Freezing the teethers and also freezing small towels entretained her and anesthetized the gums. When she would bite the nipple I would take the breast away and give her the teether or the towel. She stopped biting after trying this method a couple of times. It was not necessary to raise my voice. I did tell her biting was painful for me.

2. I also started freezing my milk. Something as simple as ice molds, old pacifiers and my own milk (less than $3 total) worked as a potion. Just imagine, what babies love the most turned into a natural medicine. The breastmilk popiscles were a complete sucess.

3. Co-sleeping and sling helped my baby to feel protection and security at any moment she needed. In other ocassions I have said it and this time, it would not be the exception, I dislike a lot that people do not understand that babies cry because they need something. Is their only way to communicate with us. Sometimes I put myself in their shoes. They are uncomfortable because of their teeth, they cry because they need a hug, or the arms or the chest of their moms and people come and tell them they are spoiled or are manipulating their mothers ??. Poor babies.The only way I found to not go crazy was sling. Together, we made everything: wash the dishes, do the laundry, work, make coffee. And even though at the end of the day I felt super tired, no one said being a mother was easy.

Please ignore my hair/ Por favor ignorar mi cabello

First set of teeth phase is over. She’s back to be the smiling baby we all know. She’s back on playing and entretaining herself without wanting to be held all time while mom alternates in between playing and care about work and home. It wasn’t necessary to leave her crying. We are ready for the next set of teeth whenever they are ready to show up!

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  1. July 16, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    Teething can be so hard on both us and our babies. My kids also used to love frozen milk! I have to remember this for our next little one. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  2. July 17, 2018 at 5:02 am

    Teething wasn’t an easy time for us either. Our son’s came in really fast ! It took a lot of patience and sympathy to get through.

  3. July 17, 2018 at 3:53 pm

    Teething is such a hard thing to go through!!! Poor babies. I love using frozen waffles for my little ones! It’s easy and they get a snack. ?

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