A love story

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This blog was born from a love story, from those stories that you look forward to live for so many years but that suddenly bloom overnight. We met in La Vida Loca in November 2013. Me, a very costarican girl with my dark skin and my bikinis and him a very North American with his blue eyes and his fishing.

22 days later, he left on a trip to visit his family in the United States and I had accepted a job 6 hours away from that dusty bar that overlooked the sea. Anyone would have thought that the love story would have come to an end here, but the truth is that when some things have to happen even the stars ?? seem to align with that purpose. That’s how, by February 2015 he had decided to take the risk and go with me to the city and that’s how, two perfect strangers found themselves playing dolls at the foot of a mountain ? in a town at the end of the world named Acosta.

We lived the fairy story for a few months until some complications took place. He decided then to return to live at the beach. My broken heart and I traveled every Friday 6 hours and on Sundays other 6??. Every Sunday I cried with sadness until one day I cried of joy when knowing that I had gotten transferred to the warm lands of the Pacific. Just one hour after my last day of work, I was in the bus terminal with my life gathered in two large suitcases and ready to meet with the love of my life. 

We got married in December 2015. Everyone was so happy that they wanted to collaborate somehow. A friend got the pig, another paid the musician, a third lent his boat because it was our wish to have a wedding with the sea as the witness. There was no guest list for the party; everyone was welcome.

For a long time, I had said that I did not want to have babies; however later I changed my mind. I guess it has to do with having found not only a husband but also a father ????. In December of 2016 we decided that we would start trying but I had always heard that those of us who have had birth control pills, would spend more time trying to get pregnant????. Just imagine my face when the laboratory technician gave me my positive???? 22 days after I stop taking the pill.

With the birth of Monica we have learned to live a new phase of love ??. Learning to be parents has not been easy. It has not been easy to learn from each other, to help each other, to make company to each other, to find a balance between our cultural differences. We do the best we can remembering always what brought as together. 

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