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No sugar quiche

No sugar quiche

Leer en español Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, but like every other mom I am always running in the mornings preparing to go to work and getting my girl ready for daycare. That means I can never cook that early. Therefore, I have been meal prepping for a while and quiche is one of my favorite recipes.… Read more →

The toddler’s suitcase

Leer en español I can’t believe it’s August already! Since we returned from our trip from California, time has flown incredibly fast. I did not want to pass up the opportunity to share about how we managed to entertain our little girl on that last 5 hours plane trip. From our trip to Indiana on December 2018 to our most… Read more →

A love story

Leer en español This blog was born from a love story, from those stories that you look forward to live for so many years but that suddenly bloom overnight. We met in La Vida Loca in November 2013. Me, a very costarican girl with my dark skin and my bikinis and him a very North American with his blue eyes… Read more →

Angel sleep

Goodbye to co-sleeping!

Read in spanish A few days ago, we took the decision to say goodbye to co-sleeping with our baby. Despite all the myths about it, during the first year of life of our little one we lived the benefits of this practice: pleasant breastfeeding during the night, synchronized sleep cycles, bonding encouragment, decreased anxiety levels and a more effective rest.… Read more →