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Angel sleep

Goodbye to co-sleeping!

Read in spanish A few days ago, we took the decision to say goodbye to co-sleeping with our baby. Despite all the myths about it, during the first year of life of our little one we lived the benefits of this practice: pleasant breastfeeding during the night, synchronized sleep cycles, bonding encouragment, decreased anxiety levels and a more effective rest.… Read more →

Ergonomic baby carrier

Ergonomic Baby Sling

I am a truly believer that babies need to be in arms not because they are spoiled but because that’s where they feel safe. Any mother will know though, holding a baby for so many hours can become really hard specially when there is other things that also need to be done. Read more →

Pañales de tela

10 frequent asked questions about cloth diapers

I have been using cloth diapers for a couple of months with my baby and I am super in love with them. In the beginning of course, I had a loy of questions, that required me to learn, read and ask to other exerimented mommas out there. Read more →

Friends for ever

Building my tribe

Monica turned 11 months this week. This made me feel a bit nostalgic. Each new skill she learns is one more step towards her being more independent from me. The first year of my baby has been very beautiful, but it has also been chaotic The first year Each quarter has had its challenges. The first 3 months were a… Read more →

Momma and baby

5 critical moments while breastfeeding

Leer en español We all know that breast milk is the best food for babies. However, in my last article I discovered that in my country only 21% of all of them get fed exclusively with breast milk in their first 6 months. Even in first world countries like the USA, this number do not go pass 50%. This, has… Read more →

Baby using her mat

The sense of touching, a simple project for babies

Babies learn about the world through touching. When they touch and also when they suck is how they know textures, sizes and shapes. Is through touching that some important abilities are developed: fine motor skills, object manipulation, movement planning and coordination. Leer en español Read more →

Mnay movements are done before crawling

Is your baby crawling yet?

Leer en español Is your baby crawling yet? I heard that question at least a dozen times for a few weeks and although I should know more than anyone that all children are different and that they reach every milestone at the moment they are ready for it, I couldn’t stop creating expectations on when was it going to happen… Read more →

Bebé y mamá enseñando el progreso

Recovery: 9 months in, 9 months out

This coming week my baby will be 9 months old. It seems incredible how quickly time has passed. It is also amazing how many changes my life experienced during a little more than a year since the moment I conceived. Read more →