Ergonomic baby carrier

Ergonomic Baby Sling

I am a truly believer that babies need to be in arms not because they are spoiled but because that’s where they feel safe. Any mother will know though, holding a baby for so many hours can become really hard specially when there is other things that also need to be done.Read more

A baby and her beach

Primer año de vida: entrevista con los sobrevivientes

Increíblemente ha pasado un año! El cumpleaños de mi pequeñita fue toda una serie de eventos en los que celebramos su vida pero también celebramos el cambio que ella vino a hacer en la nuestra.Read more

A baby and her beach

First year of life: an interview with the survivors

Incredibly is been a year since my baby was born! The birthday of my little one was a series of events in which we celebrated her life but also the changes she made in our lifes.Read more

Pañales de tela/ Cloth diapers

10 frequent asked questions about cloth diapers

I have been using cloth diapers for a couple of months with my baby and I am super in love with them. In the beginning of course, I had a loy of questions, that required me to learn, read and ask to other exerimented mommas out there.Read more