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Mnay movements are done before crawling

Is your baby crawling yet?

Leer en español Is your baby crawling yet? I heard that question at least a dozen times for a few weeks and although I should know more than anyone that all children are different and that they reach every milestone at the moment they are ready for it, I couldn’t stop creating expectations on when was it going to happen… Read more →

23 super easy baby girl photos

Babies grow too fast! I don’t regreat about taking so many photos!

Los bebés crecen demasiado rápido! No me arrepiento de haber tomado tantas fotos!

1. Dreaming
2. Mermaid life
3. Details
4. Spa day
5. Kisses
6. Flowerly
7. Explore
8. Reflection
9. Forrest
10. Lucky
11. Daddy’s lucky charm
12. Easter baby
13. Campesinita
14. Sports baby
15. Dreaming
16. Spa day 2
17. Feet in sand
18. Mermaid life 2
19. First teeth
20. Reaching the sun
21. Hands
22. Baby smell
23. Flowers

The transition to maternity

After all the adrenaline from the birth we got home. The transition and setting up a routine wasn’t an easy task. In the very beginning all was chaos because nothing resulted as planned. The first 3 days we had a lot of energy but it started decreasing due to the lack of sleep and the high demands of taking care… Read more →